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Several times per year, we offer open-house events where people can learn more about all our part-time study programs. In addition, you will benefit from interesting lectures, which frame the open house event. Take advantage of the offer.

Are you interested in a specific course of study? Then take the opportunity of a personal conversation with our program managers

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Study funding

Information on scholarships, funding options and tax advice can be found here (vouchers, scholarships, and other promotions from SMBS apply exclusively when commencing studies, per course, per person and can not be combined):

Up to 50% of the costs are fully tax-deductible for individuals and self-employed persons and are therefore reimbursed by the state. The prerequisite is that further training is used to improve the knowledge and skills of the profession pursued so far.

The training costs are deductible as advertising costs (training costs, literature, work equipment, travel expenses, accommodation costs) or as operating expenses as part of company revenue.

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The SMBS gives you the option of paying the course costs in 3-4 installments, depending on the degree program.
In order to realize the dream of studying, SMBS also supports its students with more flexible installment plans.

Contact your program manager for details.

There are always scholarship opportunities via grants from the PLUS or SMBS. Just ask your program manager.

Downloads and registration forms

Downloads and registration forms